The ONE TOP2S Polished Smart Piano, Weighted Hammer-Action Keyboard with Ivory Feel

Keyboard 88-key graded hammer action synthetic ivory piano keys
Piano Lights 88 sets of red and blue LED lights
Size Length: 58 Inches
Width: 18 Inches
Height: 35 Inches
Weight 136.4 lbs
Maximum Polyphony 128-note polyphony
Timbres 128 GM-programmed timbres
4 drum sets
Audio Sampling rate 44.1KHz
Sampling Tones 16-bit stereo
Device / Connection iOS 10+ devices
Android 5.0+ with USB Host/OTG devices
On/Off Power will be automatically turned off if inactive over 30 minutes.
Speaker Size Tweeter 1.25"*2
Woofer 6.5"*2
Metronome* Optional to use. Turn the knob to adjust the tempo
Pedals Three pedals. Soft, Sostenuto, and Sustain respectively from left to right
Recording Function* Record music while playing and share with your social network
Power Source 15V power cord connected to the back of the piano
Headphone Jack One 6.5mm, one 3.5mm headphone jacks
Aux In/Out 6.5mm auxiliary audio input/output interface
Components list Main body, Pedal, Back plate, Piano legs (left and right)
Cables*2 (Lightning, Type C)
Power source DC 15V
User manual