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  • TheONE Smart Piano COLOR BLUE Customers Voice


    Absolutely amazing!!! my daughter is 11 and has never touched a piano. The app is genius. It has games, videos, sheet music and crash courses that make the keys light up to teach any beginner. You can also pay a few dollars to learn any song on the planet. It's the best gift I have ever bought her and she hasn't put it down. Don't hesitate!!!

  • TheONE Smart Piano PLAY WHITE Customers Voice

    Living Simple

    Stunning Piano! OMG this has been the easiest piece of furniture I have ever assembled. Solid wood and expensive looking. This piano has been a beautiful addition to compliment my living room decor. Sound is perfect! I highly recommend this piano. You will not be disappointed. Packaged very well. My box arrived a bit damaged but due to the packaging no damage at all. Don’t hesitate!!!! Buy buy buy.

  • TheONE Smart Drum Portable TRD Customers Voice


    I love this electric drum set. The sound is very real, sounds like a real drum set. I like that it has the option to use headphones and blue tooth. It is portable and bendable and light enough that it can be taken on the go. There are different settings so you can play using the preset music, just the instrument sounds or play with music you can add. You can control the volume and add a microphone if you have one.

  • TheONE Smart Drum TOD1 Customers Voice


    Everyone in the family loves it. The assembly is very easy and straightforward. The sound through the headphones is quite immersive and it's really fun to hear yourself play along with a popular song. It does give good feedback in that you have to hit the drum in the proper way to get the proper sound and it does adjust loudness based on the pressure of your hit.

  • TheONE Smart Piano TOK White Customers Voice

    Riaan van

    Well designed product was my first impression when I received the keyboard. I think it would be a wise choice no matter you are a beginner pr intermediate player. It's portable and fairly light, so it will be a good pick if you travel or move pretty often.I will definitely recommend this product to those who are interested in getting a keyboard.

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