TheONE Smart Piano Back To School Buying Guide

Back To School Season: Music+Education=The ONE

As the summer sun begins to set and the warm days gradually make way for the cooler breeze of autumn, it's that time of the year again, the back to school season. A fresh start, new beginnings, and the promise of knowledge await students around the world. And what better way to enhance the learning experience than through the power of music? Enter "The ONE,"we understand the profound impact music can have on education and personal growth. We are the brand that works on the self-development of every musicians.

Start a new semester with a newly-discovering passion for music. Start Your Music Journey With The ONE.


Start with The ONE COLOR Smart Keyboard Piano

  • Portable, powerful, and available in 7 chic colors, The ONE Color Keyboard weighs just 7.7 lbs. It's your on-the-go music companion.
  • With 256 timbres, 64 polyphony, and 61 full-sized keys, it's an all-in-one solution. LED lights, 4000+ sheet music, and 100 instructional videos create a guided learning experience, it's not just a piano but a perfect tutor.
  • Enjoy authentic piano sounds, akin to a grand piano, it's the best gift for kids.
  • Wirelessly connect to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth for a cable-free setup, making it perfect for beginners.
Experience music in a new hue with The ONE Color. Enjoy a colorful new semester.

Level-up With The ONE NEX Smart Stage Piano

Experience a multifunctional digital keyboard with The ONE NEX: guided by 88 LED lights, 4000+ sheet music, 100 videos, and games in our free app, it's both a keyboard and a piano teacher.

  • Authenticity shines through 88 Weighted Standard Keys, scaled hammer mechanics, and touch response function.
  • The NEX's top-level configuration, employing acoustic and stereo sampling techniques, combined with Hi-Fi speakers, emulates grand piano's surround sound.
  • With 426 tones, including Ukulele and more, and wireless Bluetooth MIDI and Audio connectivity, the NEX is the all-in-one keyboard to fuel your creativity and learning.

It is beyond doubt that its of great use for those who are looking for the advanced piano learning, practicing and performing.

Meet The ONE TRD Portable Drum Kit

Introducing The ONE TRD Drum Set, a complete package of innovation and convenience.

  • With a free interactive smart app providing instant feedback and versatile lessons, learning becomes enjoyable for all skill levels.
  • For any kids who are interested in playing drums, this gadget could be the best gift ever to release the academic pressure.
  • With color-coded rainbow drum faces, beginners could memory the scripts easier.
  • Weighing only 1 kg, it's travel-friendly and great for outdoor play with 8+ hours of battery life.
  • Enjoy authentic drum sounds, 6 drum kits, and various tracks through built-in stereo speakers and advanced tech.
  • Connect via Bluetooth for a cable-free, high-quality musical experience.

The ONE TRD Drum Set embodies learning, entertainment, and convenience in one harmonious package. Start to be a rockstar in this new semester with The ONE!

Try The New Technology - The ONE Polaris Drum

Immerse in an authentic drumming feel with The ONE Polaris Drum, powered by Mesh Technology, offering a real kit experience with comfort.

  • It's the world's first electronic drum with built-in LED lights, instantly indicating your next strike.
  • Paired with the InstaDrum app, lights instruct and respond for quick learning and unique music-light show creation.
  • Partnering with the recommended InstaDrum app, The ONE Polaris Drums offers 96 free engaging lessons, 600 copyrighted songs in 6 genres, and customizable drum kits, including 308 sounds.
  • The electronic drum kit wirelessly connects via Bluetooth audio, eliminating cables while maintaining synchronized audio for videos and apps.

It is high time to equipped yourself with the cutting-edge technology. You may obtain a brand-new drumming experience once you are opened to our Polaris Drum Set.

Empowering Students, One Note at a Time.