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The ONE TOP2 Smart Piano Pro, Escapement 88 Keys Graded Hammer Action Weighted Home Piano

The ONE TOP2 Smart Piano Pro, Escapement 88 Keys Graded Hammer Action Weighted Home Piano

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Color: Rosewood
Bundle: Piano
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Model: TOP2

This 88-key smart piano embodies the essence of an acoustic piano and the spirit of innovation. It blurs the line between acoustic and digital with authentic grand piano touch, tone, and power. The intuitive controls in the free piano app allow you to experience the magic of innovation, from basic sound settings to independent piano learning. With its lighted keyboard and smart app, this digital piano actually teaches you how to play.

🎹 LED-guided Learning: Follow the blue and red lights to start playing in minutes

🎹 Free Smart App: Enjoy fun piano games, interactive lessons and over 4000 sheet music

🎹 Simplified Controls: Minimal buttons on the panel and control everything easily in the app

🎹 Upgraded Keyboard: K8 synthetic ivory full-size weighted keys with graded hammer mechanics

🎹 Advanced Technology: Accurate Triple-Sensor Key Detection system for enhanced playing realism

🎹 Concert-level Sound: Replicate the sound quality of concert piano even when playing with headphones

🎹 Endless Possibilities: Switch between 128 GM-programmed timbres and 4 drum sets to unlock your inner musician

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TheONE TOP2 - An Elegant Smart Piano with 3-Sensor Tech

This digital pianoTen layers sound source sampling, provide the grand piano timbre. As you caress the exquisitely balanced keys and immerse yourself in the lush harmonics and delicate, velvety tones, you realize it's more than just a digital piano—it's a masterpiece of unparalleled elegance and refinement.

TheONE Smart Piano TOP2 Rosewood PC
TheONE Smart Piano TOP2 Rosewood Mobile

Experience Pure Brilliance

Our piano delivers unparalleled sound quality—clear, rich, and deeply resonant. Each note ignites creativity and captivates the soul. Dive into a world of sonic brilliance with every keystroke.

TheONE Smart Piano TOP2 Rosewood Experience Pure Brilliance

Unlock melodies with guided light

Each vibrant hue adds a touch of magic to your music, guiding your fingers across the keys with ease.

TheONE Smart Piano TOP2 Unlock Melodies with Guided Light

Precision Craftsmanship

The escapement mechanisom allows you to experience effortless control and expressiveness with every touch, empowering your musical journey.

TheONE Smart Piano TOP2 Precision Craftsmanship

Unlock Greatness: Smart Piano + Smart App

Gamify your chord skills, jam with popular tunes in bite-sized lessons, and dive into diverse sheet music from zero to pro. The free smart app and smart lighted keys, are your ticket to a fun and immersive piano journey.

Tech Spec

Keyboard 88-key graded hammer action synthetic ivory piano keys
Piano Lights 88 sets of red and blue LED lights
Size Length: 58 Inches
Width: 18 Inches
Height: 35 Inches
Weight 136.4 lbs
Maximum Polyphony 128-note polyphony
Timbres 128 GM-programmed timbres
4 drum sets
Audio Sampling rate 44.1KHz
Sampling Tones 16-bit stereo
Device / Connection iOS 10+ devices
Android 5.0+ with USB Host/OTG devices
On/Off Power will be automatically turned off if inactive over 30 minutes.
Speaker Size Tweeter 1.25"*2
Woofer 6.5"*2
Metronome* Optional to use. Turn the knob to adjust the tempo
Pedals Three pedals. Soft, Sostenuto, and Sustain respectively from left to right
Recording Function* Record music while playing and share with your social network
Power Source 15V power cord connected to the back of the piano
Headphone Jack One 6.5mm, one 3.5mm headphone jacks
Aux In/Out 6.5mm auxiliary audio input/output interface
Components list Main body, Pedal, Back plate, Piano legs (left and right)
Cables*2 (Lightning, Type C)
Power source DC 15V
User manual


How do I connect TheONE Smart Piano/Keyboard to the APP?

You can use TheONE piano cables to seamlessly link TheONE Smart Pianos/Keyboards with the app on your smart devices.

How do I change timbres of TheONE Smart Piano/Keyboard?

When connected to "TheONE Smart Piano" App, you can set timbres in the "sound settings". You can select from 128 timbres.

Does the TOP2 have weighted keys?

The electric piano has 88 full-size Weighted Standard Keys that are the same key size as that of an acoustic piano.  It features Graded Hammer Mechanics to replicate the nuanced touch and response of traditional pianos, providing players with a dynamic range and expression akin to that of acoustic instruments. The electric piano's keys are also designed with a sophisticated escapement mechanism, offering a touch that mimics the feel of a grand piano. This precision allows for effortless, expressive playing, making every note a masterpiece.

Can I use TheONE TOP2 as a MIDI keyboard?

Definitely! You can connect the keyboard to a DAW software on your computer using a USB cable

I'd like to try out the app first. Is it free to download?

You can download the app for free via the below link. Without a TheONE Smart Piano, you can only access some entry lessons for free.

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