TheONE Smart Piano

From Fun Chords to Pro Keys: Transforming Beginner Bliss into Piano Picasso!

Smart Piano

Zero basis? No worries! Follow the lights to quickly get started.

Smart Piano

Zero basis? It doesn't matter! Following the lights quickly get started.

Fun Chord Games

No notes, just chord games. Dive into the Fun Chord Games where learning meets gaming!

Pop Piano Courses

Notes illuminate, skills elevate. Unleash your inner pianist with interactive lessons and illuminate notes!
Video Demonstration
From Zero to Hero
Engaging and Enjoyable
Lights-guided Learning

Pro Sheet Music

Searching for your favorite song to play? It's all right here! Unlock thousands of Pro Sheet Music where every song is your song!

Unlock Creativity, Embrace Innovation

Elevate Your Music with Advanced Features and Seamless App Integration
Third-party apps
Hundreds of timbres

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