The ONE Smart Keyboard May Make a Good Teacher

The One Light Keyboard is a portable way to learn piano. With the synced LED lights in the keyboard, a beginner musician can start to play music in minutes.You could set up easily anywhere in the home (it weighs a mere 11 lbs) which is exactly what I did. There is a headphone jack so you need not bother the family or neighbors.

Using the keyboard is simple: you download the free app and then plug in your tablet (or phone, but tablet seems to make more sense) and place it on the stand where normally your sheet music would rest. You then have a series of options: You can follow a video lesson, or follow LED guided practice. There are also learning games. You have a choice of either following along on highlighted sheet music, or through a waterfall graphic display which like Guitar Hero, provides colored bars to follow instead.
The more than 2000 song sheet music collection is accessed via the app, so it can constantly be refreshed.

A video lesson; downloading a song that can be learned via the LED light-up keys; and tried the waterfall display instead of the sheet music. Each requires a short learning curve; yet in less than a half-hour one can feel like you are really learning to play. Finally, the One light comes with built-in speakers so you can play music from apps such as Pandora or Spotify through the device. The One Light keyboard comes with in and out jacks,a microphone plug in and a USB midi output, making it quite versatile for the more ambitious.


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