TheONE Smart Piano Create New Ways to Make Music

TheONE Smart Piano Create New Ways to Make Music

 Plenty of products at CES 2016 buzz and beep, but we found new one that aspires to help you make music instead of noise.

The product that caught our eye is TheONE Smart Piano, which comes in two versions: a $1,500 full upright piano with 88 keys and hammer action and a portable 61-key model with touch response. Both are available in white and black.

The cool thing about this instrument is that it can be hooked up to your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) after you download the company’s app. And once your mobile device is connected, the app will help you learn how to play the instrument.

Just like a good teacher, the app-based tutorial uses several methods of instruction to assist students. It lets you play songs by lighting up each and every note you need to strike. It allows you to slow a song way down and gradually increase your speed while you master it. And it features musical games and interactive video lessons. It even displays the sheet music so students can learn how to read music as well.


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