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Drop The Beat in The Rock Season - Unveiling The ONE Polaris Drums

Summer's rhythm is calling! Let's immerse ourselves in the waves of rock music during this sweltering season. Embrace the refreshing melodies, feel the soulful beats, and escape from the world for a while. Welcome to the new era of music!

Introducing The ONE Polaris Drums TOD1 Electronic Drum Set, the new addition to our lineup that promises a unique experience. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at this recently-debuted product, explore its features, and introduce you to the InstaDrum app that complements it. Plus, we'll give you a sneak peek into the exciting upcoming events you won't want to miss.
The Polaris Drum Kit Itself
1. [💡Built-in LED Lights] As the world's first electronic drum kit with built in LED lights, The ONE Polaris Drum Set revolutionizes the world of electric drum set by incorporating built-in LED lights, offering an unparalleled learning experience and a captivating light shows for drummers. These LED lights can be linked seamlessly to the FREE InstaDrum app. The lights instruct and respond to EVERY strike, allowing beginners to learn quicker, which you never experienced from other products.   

2. [🥁Authentic Playing Experience] Powered by Mesh Technology, the drum set enables the mesh heads to provide an immersive drumming experience, reminiscent of playing on an actual drum kit, all while prioritizing comfort. You could also experience a wide range of top-notch sounds that replicate the authenticity of acoustic drums and level up the quality of every beat. 

3. [😜Easy to Set Up] Another notable advantage of this electronic drum kit is its simplicity, which eliminates complicated procedures and makes it exceptionally user-friendly for drummers. The whole drum set is composed by a full-sized snare drum, a bass drum, 3 toms and 3 cymbals. The Polaris Drum comes with a pre-installed drum rack, which not only simplifies the assembly process but also reduces the setup time and effort by half compared to other options. You may set up an electronic drum kit within just 30-45 minutes.

The Drum Kit's Best Partner InstaDrum 
1. [🤘🏻Customizable Drum Kit] Seamlessly connected to the drum set via Bluetooth MIDI and Bluetooth Audio, the app provides the drummers with 25preset drum kits + 5 user kits. You have the opportunity to explore diverse drumming genres such as Jazz, Rock, and Funk, while also having the option to personalize your drum kit with an impressive selection of 308 unique sounds and strike preferences. Discover various drum kits and craft a style that is entirely your own through customization. 
2.[📚Endless Music Resources] Including 96 free engaging lessons (more to come), InstaDrum is recommended by the APP Store and is The ONE Polaris Drums' best partner. Without any expenses, it caters to beginners and advanced learners alike. Additionally, the app presents 600+ copyrighted songs across 6 popular genres and updated weekly to meet different musical tastes. Users are encouraged to suggest their favorite songs to be included in the app's library.

The InstaDrum Rock Music Event 
The burgeoning app, InstaDrum that goes with The ONE Polaris Drums is releasing a special rock music event in this summer season. All drummers and rock music fans get the chance to play 3 classical rock songs by the most-loved rock bands. Here, you could expect the Beatles calling for everyone to come together, the passionate expression of love that exploded from the beat Green Day performed, and The Who's appeal for the worldwide concerned issue. What's more, readers of this post could claim 2 more rock songs by redeeming this premium code under Settings > Terminal: THE1GIFT

Whatever your needs are, we've got you covered! 

Looking for an entry-level and budget-friendly drum set? Try The ONE EDM-200 Electronic Drum Set, the best beginners drum kit with its affordability. 

Not sure if drumming is right for you? Consider our The ONE TRD Portable Drum Kit - an electric drum pad suitable for kids and learners of all ages. Enjoy free delivery on any drum set purchase. 

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