TheONE Smart Drum EDM-200 Buying Guide

The ONE EDM-200 Electronic Drum Set Review - Ideal Beginner Drum Set

Drumming Made Fun and Affordable: Introducing The ONE EDM-200 Drum Set

Reviewed by Demonic Sweaters

Introduction: The ONE EDM-200 Electronic Drum Set has caught the attention of drum enthusiasts and beginners alike. In this review, we'll explore its features, build quality, and the unique learning experience it offers through its InstaDrum app.

Sturdy Build and Impressive Features: The first thing that stood out when setting up the EDM-200 was its remarkable sturdiness. Despite being an entry-level drum kit, it impressed with some outstanding features. The mesh heads delivered a comfortable real-drum feel, making every session enjoyable and fun. Additionally, the kit includes three eight-inch single-zone toms and a dual-zone snare drum, all well-made and responsive. The three cymbals - hi-hat, crash, and ride - felt sturdier compared to other kits in the same price range.

Impressive Module and Connectivity: The EDM-200's module pleasantly surprised with its sound quality, especially considering the drum set's affordability. With 35 built-in kits and space to create your own, it offers an excellent assortment of acoustic and electronic sounds. Moreover, the module provides Bluetooth MIDI audio and regular USB connectivity, making it compatible with various apps and software. Connecting wirelessly to the InstaDrum app through Bluetooth opens up a world of possibilities for practice and learning.

InstaDrum App: A Drumming Companion: The standout feature of The ONE EDM-200 is its inclusion of a three-month subscription to the InstaDrum app. The app offers step-by-step lessons and sessions for beginners to advanced players, making it a valuable tool for honing drumming skills. With a simple and user-friendly interface, the app guides learners through drumming exercises, provides instant feedback, and offers an interactive learning experience.

Conclusion: In summary, The ONE EDM-200 Electronic Drum Set exceeded expectations with its sturdy build, impressive sounds, and extensive connectivity options. The inclusion of the InstaDrum app elevates this drum kit to a valuable educational tool for aspiring drummers of all ages. For its affordable price and the learning opportunities it provides, The ONE EDM-200 is undoubtedly a top-notch choice for drum enthusiasts and beginners alike. So why wait? Unleash your inner drummer and embark on an exciting drumming journey with The ONE EDM-200 today!

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