TheONE Smart Piano Black Friday Buying Guide

Black Friday: After Thanksgiving, Please Also Thank Yourself.

As the crisp air settles in and the occasional rain taps on your window, do you find yourself yearning for a remedy to lift your spirits? Whether it's the gloomy weather or the struggles of everyday life, a little retreat into the world of music can work wonders. Picture this: You, in a cozy space, creating soothing melodies on a piano or immersing yourself in the beats of an electronic drum. Music, your eternal companion, has the power to transform your mood, and The ONE is here to make sure you experience it to the fullest.

If you're just starting your musical journey, let The ONE be your guiding light. For seasoned musicians, The ONE is the perfect companion for your performances and creative endeavors. Join us at The ONE and let's treat ourselves during this whirlwind of a shopping season.

As we approach the Black Friday extravaganza leading up to Christmas, prepare for a musical feast with unprecedented discounts of up to 50%. Yes, you read that right! It's our way of saying thank you for choosing The ONE. And guess what? The limited edition of The ONE COLOR Smart Keyboard in RED is now available at an all-time low price. Seize the opportunity to embrace The ONE and embark on your musical journey at an unbeatable price.

The ONE COLOR Keyboard: COLOR your life with a powerful and colorful electric keyboard.


Speaking of colors, let's talk about the festive season. Winter is here, and Christmas is just around the corner. What better way to complement the warm atmosphere of celebration than with the color red? Imagine yourself playing cheerful tunes on a vibrant red keyboard, the perfect festive companion. The ONE COLOR Keyboard not only adds a splash of color to your life but also offers portability, a rich array of functionalities, and seamless connectivity to your devices.

  • Portability: Lightweight up to 7.7 pounds, no burden of carrying it everywhere.   
  • Colorful: With 8 popular colors to choose from, providing the chance to select your personal color. (Ps: RED is the NEW!!!)
  • Rich functionality: Featuring 256 tones, 64 polyphony, 61 full-size keys, and  MIDI functions for rich playability.
  • Works with the free app: the perfect teacher for beginner players, guided by the free app's built-in LED lights, 4,000+ sheet music, fun chord games and interactive lessons.
  • Easy connection: Connects wirelessly to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth, effortlessly handling connection issues.


Choose your favorite COLOR and make this holiday season a symphony of joy and musical magic:

Meet The ONE TOP1X Smart Piano, a pinnacle of advanced technology and textured sound.

Why should you choose TOP1X? It's not just an upgrade; it's a leap forward in performance and design.

  • Upgraded to a 2.0 digital piano keyboard with graded hammer action and double-contact design, which captures the dynamics of your performance.
  • Guided by 88 colorful LED lights built into our free APP, 4000+ sheet music,  fun chord games and interactive lessons, this digital piano allows you to start playing in minutes.
  • Featuring 88 full-size, weighted standard keys, the same size as an acoustic piano, you get the most authentic feel and play music that connects with your soul.
  • The perfect reproduction of the surround sound sensation of a grand piano, 16-bit stereo sampled tones, and sampling technology with a 44.1KHz audio sampling rate, up to 128 chords, and three pedals, as well as four Hi-Fi speakers including two 20W tweeters and two 25W woofers, are all there for you to get the best musical experience.


Get ready to unleash your inner maestro with The ONE TOP1X Smart Piano:

Enter the vibrant world of drumming with The ONE Polaris Drums, the world's first electronic drums with built-in LED lights

  • A flashing LED inside the drum guides you for your next play, providing a double dose of enjoyment for both your ears and eyes.
  • Crafted with Mesh technology, the drum offers an authentic playing feel, allowing you to truly connect with the music.
  • Personalize your drumming experience with 25 preset drum kits and 5 user kits. Explore various drumming styles such as jazz, rock, funk, and more. Customize your own drum kits with 308 built-in tones, allowing you to craft a unique style that suits your preferences.
  • Pair your drums with the recommended InstaDrum app from the App Store. Gain access to 96 free teaching courses spanning multiple knowledge and  skill levels, making it easy to progress from a novice to a veteran drummer  with app-assisted learning.
  • Enjoy easy connectivity with wireless Bluetooth audio integration, enabling seamless connections to videos and apps.


Immerse yourself in the world of drumming with The ONE Polaris Drums:

So, while the weather outside may be cloudy, let your happy mood shine forever. Explore The ONE and discover the perfect instrument to elevate your mood. Thank yourself this season with the gift of music from The ONE.

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