The ONE SK-TOK Light Keyboard

This product isn’t just a keyboard. Select from the thousands of sheet music choices in its system, and this baby lights up its keys as you play to tell you where to go next. Different settings let you learn in different ways, including ‘auto-play’ to hear the song or ‘A-B repeats’ to focus on learning a particular section. There are over 4,000 tracks in total, from a range of genres, including from classical, pop and jazz & blues. To compliment these, no keyboard would be complete without different sound settings, and this one is no exception, with over 128 instrument sounds available through The ONE Smart Piano app (which is free).

On top of that, ONE Light keyboard also comes with over 100 video lessons ranging from beginner lessons to more advanced guidance on technique. A step better than watching lessons on YouTube, these videos integrate with the keyboard’s light-up technology. There’s even a selection of games that can trick you into learning whilst having fun, like a Guitar Hero inspired game (but on an actual instrument!) These games are available from the app.

The ONE Light keyboard comes in two color options: Onyx Black, White. All three look nice and sleek, but the White Gold in particular  has a subtle but very attractive look. The keyboard weighs 11lbs and measures 36” x 13”, and is 4” tall (not including the stand, of course!) and comes with an optional built-in music stand and sustain pedal socket. It has MIDI output and recording, allowing pianists to record and share their performances online, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices, whether they’re tablets or phones.

This keyboard was awesome – you might assume it’s for kids, but we had endless fun messing around on it. From playing the games to pretending we could play far better than we can, we loved this thing! We probably even learnt without realizing it, too. Whether you’re looking to learn yourself or have a kid who wants to start piano, we highly recommend this nifty gift – it’s so much more than an instrument. 


  • Loads of music to choose from
  • Multiple ways to learn
  • Educational but fun
  • Compatible with most devices





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